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Renowned Apologist Speaks at Seminary 4/19/2016

“The most effective strategy to evangelize is to share the Gospel with joy. Enjoy being Catholic!” Dr. Scott Hahn said enthusiastically during a talk to seminarians and priests, including Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, given at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary April 15. 

The former Protestant minister, who joined the Catholic Church in 1986, practiced what he preached, according to audience members.  

 “Dr. Hahn was very energized about the faith and enthusiastic about the New Evangelization,” seminarian David Carvajal Casal. “It was an impressive talk.”  

“I thought his talk was very encouraging. It was neat to hear about evangelization from a layman, granted a very learned layman,” said seminarian Alex Elfreich. “I think he was insightful about how we, as seminarians and priests, can evangelize.  I never thought about it before, but he articulated how we should see evangelization sacramentally, in particular, the Eucharist as the source and summit of evangelization.”

The best-selling author and teacher came to Cincinnati with his wife, Kimberly, also a Catholic apologist, to speak at a Scripture workshop held at McAuley High School April 16-17.  Dr. Hahn agreed to present a talk to seminarians and priests prior to the conference.

“I thought the most powerful part of his talk was about fatherhood and that spiritual aspect of the priesthood. The priest participates in the fatherhood of God in a different way than earthly fatherhood,” said seminarian Chris Komoroski. “Dr. Hahn pointed out that we need to be shepherded by God as well as be shepherds.”

“Dr. Hahn’s presentation of the New Evangelization shows the need for a deep love of the Eucharist,” seminarian Zach Cecil said, “He had some very powerful words about the need for good spiritual fathers and talked about how, in his own life, fatherhood has been the most challenging and yet rewarding endeavor that he has ever encountered. He talked about how being a spiritual father will be similar. He also encouraged us to find someone in our own lives who can be a mentor and a spiritual father to ourselves.”  

Photo left to right: Fr. David Endres, Dr. Scott Hahn, Fr. Andrew Umberg, and Fr. Benedict O’Cinnsealaigh,

Click here to view Dr. Hahn’s talk courtesy of the Athenaeum's St. James Project:

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