Mount St. Mary’s Seminary & School of Theology (MTSM) defines clear goals and academic outcomes for each of the following degree programs:

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM)
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MAB)
  • Master of Arts in Catholic Studies (MACS)
  • Master of Arts in Theology (MAT)

Achievement of each of these outcomes is regularly assessed using multiple strategies that include both direct and indirect measures of student learning.  Since the inception of this formal assessment program, there have been few occasions when the results of an assessment strategy fell below the benchmark established by the faculty.  Thus, this assessment program indicates that MTSM’s degree programs produce their intended outcomes, and that they are educationally effective.

All graduates of the MDiv program are sponsored by a Roman Catholic diocese or religious congregation and are placed into active ministry upon ordination.

From our 2018-2019 graduates in the MA programs (MAPM, MAB, MACS, and MAT), 31% went into vocational placement and 56% went on to further study.

More information about the academic assessment program is available from Mr. Nicholas Jobe, Registrar and Director of Assessment.