Handbooks and Forms

For students who have been accepted into the Lay Ecclesial Formation Program, below you will find handbooks for Theological Reflection, Field Education and Capstone/Project in Ministry. All work on these aspects of formation must have prior approval from the Coordinator of Lay Ecclesial Formation or the Dean of the School of Theology. If you have any questions, please call 513.231.2223.

Capstone – Project in Ministry Handbook Oct 2022
Field Education Handbook Oct 2022
Theological Reflection Handbook Oct 2022

A1 Title Page Template
A2 List of Project Board Members Template
A3 Table of Contents Template
B Theological Advisor Input Form
C1 Grading Rubric for Capstone II
C2 Capstone Project Evaluation
C3 Evaluation of Project in Ministry

Field Ed – Evaluation Criteria
Field Ed – Notes for the Supervisor
Field Ed – Student’s Self-Evaluation Form
Field Ed – Supervisor’s Evaluation Form
Field Ed – Time Log